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Evangelist Michelle Johnson 

Evangelist Michelle Johnson is an author, coach, speaker, ordained minister, wife and mother of two. She is a devoted animal lover and host mama to one. Michelle became a born again Christian on September 4th 2015. In that moment she felt the calling to begin an odyssey (A great adventure) of writing a daily devotional geared toward sharing about her first few baby steps of learning to walk with Christ. This devotional was publish and entitled "Finding Christ Through Social Media." During this time God poured into her leadership qualities and helped her to share with others ways to choose GOD daily. Her goal is to help others find a healthy balance in this life through personal training and life coaching concepts. She has a passion for helping others and she has a great calling to help couples understand the importance of marriage and start the beginning stages of keeping God in the fore front of their marriage 

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- Marriage Testimonial

"Michelle was very professional and extrememly nice. She was super helpful and had great ideas when creating our custom ceremony script. She made it very special. We enjoyed working with her and would definitely recommend her to anyone.!"

- Rebecca G.  

-Personal Training Testimonial 

Michelle is absolutely amazing! Ive been with her for about 6 months now, and she knows how to keep everything exciting and fun. She is amazing at helping me accomplish my goals and keeping me on track. I absolutely love Michelle and would highly recommend her to anyone. 

                             - Octavia B. 

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