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Personal Training with Michelle

Credential Check - Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine.  CPR/AED Certified through The American Red Cross. 

"I Specialize in personal training women only. As the workouts progress and we strengthen our temples we also discuss biblical life coaching concepts, we fellowship, pray together and we stretch at every session. Learn about what Stretch N Praise is." 

- Michelle Johnson

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Stretch N Praise: 

is the Christian alternative to yoga that Michelle has created. She incorporates this into her personal training sessions if the clients are interested in learning new stretching techniques. 

Individual session -  $55 / Hr & $15 for add on client... 

We meet once a week and then I provide 2 additional workouts for client to do on their own that next week. Our sessions include Discussion and fellowship time, warm up, personal training tips, stretching, cool down and special gifts that pair with the life coaching concepts that I share each session. 

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Session Packs: 

4 Week Pack: $192

8 Week Pack: $360

12 Week pack: $500

*** Buying packs will help you save money. Sessions from your pack will be used if client needs to cancel their set session with Trainer. Sessions will not be used if client has an emergency, cover related concerns or illness. Client must call Michelle to explain reason for canceling a session. Planning a set day each week to commit to meeting

strongly recommend. 

Where do we workout? 

-  My CoOp Gym which is very large and has all kinds of workout equipment. - Located in Northglenn, CO

-  My personal home stretch studio

-  Parks and the great outdoors with weather permitting 

- Clients homes

- Clients Apartment/Condo Gyms

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